Sustainability – Ingrès


Sustainable is the sequence of manual gestures that reveals the object, resisting that of mechanized industrial gestures. An ingrès ceramic represents a human rhythm, marked by phases that require an agreed time between the material and the person who works it. Creating a piece is like a dance of phases: I shape the shape, I let it rest for a while, I look at it, I evaluate it, I fix the details, I let it harden, I finish it, the correspondence, the smooth, the color, the baking, the I evaluate it again, I prepare it for the crystalline, I cook it again, I evaluate it again… and then the dance starts again with a new piece, never identical and with its uniqueness.


Ingrès is the word that best suggests to me a journey into the world of stoneware, a natural and refined land in which to sink your fingers. White, red, black, the chromatic triad that contrasts and enhances. It is a brand that emerged slowly, like every piece in the collection, metaphorically mixing the cognitive ideation, the emotion aroused and the craftsmanship feasibility, in a dialogue aimed at feeling the harmony of the result.

Product creation
Each piece is shaped on the lathe and by hand with love in Turin. I chose a particular type of stoneware clay, dotted with mineral components present in the mixture, I am interested in obtaining a natural, elegant effect, combined with the ivory color of the clay. The ingrès ceramics are characterized by remarkable hardness and resistance, are suitable for food and can go in the dishwasher. The colors with red and black are given by engobes, clayey coatings containing mineral pigments that are brushed on the still raw finished piece. Customizations are also performed raw. Subsequently, the procedure requires a first firing in the kiln for ceramics, and a second firing for vitrification at 1200 ° C, both for about ten hours. The transparent glass coating that is applied for the second firing is composed of very fine powder of silica sand, suitable for protecting and waterproofing the piece.


The packaging of the ingrès ceramics is 100% plastic free. It has been carefully selected to be eco-friendly, including adhesives and paper tape.
Shipping in 2 working days (if available in stock). If the piece you have chosen is out of stock or to be customized, I will create it and send it to you within 10 days!

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