Design – Ingrès


Ergonomic handles
The design of the handle of the FEEL mug was created specifically for the ingrès collection, in the spirit of originality and functionality of the handle.


For the MUG, research has focused on a firm grip, easy and versatile in the positioning of the fingers, safe with respect to weight distribution.



New ergonomic handles also for the BOWL and the MUG!
They have been specially designed and created with the new handle upwards, which is very comfortable and easy to handle. They are the result of countless tests on functionality, combined with the essentiality of the shape.



New cocktail flat design
A small revolution for the comfort of aperitifs! With one hand you can easily hold the plate equipped with an invitation for the glass. Easy and safe grip!



Save space
The ingrès collection takes care not to take up too much space when stored, as the ceramics can be conveniently stacked. I worked on the design of round, soft shapes, without edges and with a new concept of handle. The bowl and cup, as well as being ergonomic, is designed to facilitate the overlapping of the pieces, take up as little space as possible, creating original geometries.

Ingrès are ceramics that speak of you! You can dedicate them by personalizing them for free on the occasion of a special gift: anniversary, wedding, graduation, birthday ... On the thicker colored strip you can put a name, a date, a short sentence. Personalization is done on the raw piece, before cooking. I create it for you and send it to you within 15 days!



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